3D scanners eviXscan 3D at XX International PLASTPOL fair of Plastics and Rubber

PLASTPOL is one of the most important European trade fairs dedicated to plastics industry.

This year’s presence announced more than 800 exhibitors from 31 countries.

Among the presenting innovative solutions to support manufacturers in various stages of production, eviXscan 3D will present Heavy Duty Quadro 3D scanner.

Hardware solution for:

  • Reverse engineering,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Non-contact quality control of materials difficult to measure.

Find out how our solutions and supporting software can accelerate the work in your company.

Visit us at HALL 54 STAND C.

Fair takes place from 17-20 May 2016 in Kielce (Poland).

During the fair we will present the use of 3D scanners in the process of reverse engineering of injection molds and optical quality control of rubber products.

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