Company Overview

Evatronix SA was established in Bielsko-Biała in March 1991 and since the beginning of its operation it has been concentrating on supply of computer aided design and manufacturing systems applied in mechanics and electronics, as well as the auxiliary services and technical consulting. It was established by Wojciech Sakowski and Włodzimierz Wrona – engineers holding PhD degrees, coming from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

Evatronix SA offers state-of-the-art IT solutions in the scope of CAD/CAM systems and electronic design automation (EDA). It is the main Polish distributor of programs, which set world standards, such as Altium Designer for electronic systems design or hyperMill – for machine tool control. The offer is complemented by CAD software from Autodesk.

As a software supplier, Evatronix boasts its comprehensive offer. Our Clients are provided with professional consulting and attractive training. The company also offers additional design services, as well as state-of-the-art methods of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing based on customer-supplied designs supplied.
Evatronix systematically co-operates with universities, supplying software and equipment, as well as offering employment to the most talented graduates.

The main key to the success of Evatronix SA is, however, the focus on research and development. In 1998 a Development Department was established in Gliwice, in which virtual electronic components were designed. The department also provided design services in the scope of programmable electronic circuits FPGA/CPLD. The achievements of the IP-Core Department led to its purchase in June 2013 by the American company – Cadence Design System Inc. – a world leader in EDA solutions and IP semiconductors.

Today designers and programmers from Bielsko-Biała have focused on eviXscan SD – an innovative line of 3D scanners operating in structured white light technology. 3D scanners constitute essential equipment in modern design companies and automated production lines. They find application in rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and contactless quality control. They facilitate introduction of new products and changes in the existing ones. They accelerate production processes, help to reduce the use of raw materials and even support optimal packing and storage of products. The company also conducts developmental research on IP-core emulator and the Systems-on-a-chip (SOC).

Evatronix SA is also the sole distributor in the Polish market of solutions offered by the Amercian company GuideTech which sells high-precision time interval analyzers and frequency counters (CTIA tools). The offer includes also solutions provided by the Cephasonics company intended for ultrasound producers as well as other fields that require complex ultrasound signal processing.