Evatronix leverages its engineering capabilities by teaming up with variety of partners

Special place among them belongs to Xilinx and Mathworks – our key technology partners. Evatronix has been a member of Xilinx Partner Program since early years of 21st century. With Mathworks we collaborate in the area of FPGA-In-the-loop solutions.

To ensure access to specific skills required at certain projects and missing among our team we maintain relationships with universities, expert freelancers as well as other design companies in Poland. Evatronix is a member and one of initiators of Polish Cluster for Internet-of-Things Research and Development.

This network of connections allows us to configure and scale design teams according to the engineering or research needs in a particular project.

As a value added reseller of products and solutions for electronic engineers we maintain relations with companies that we represent in Poland: WesDev (UK, Pulsonix PCB software), Atollic (Sweden, C/C++ IDE for ARM architectures), ENGICAM (Italy, SOMs), several of Chinese PCB manufacturers and half a dozen of Polish EMS companies as well as mechanical workshops indispensable when it comes to prototyping or organizing supply chain for low volume production.

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