Prototyping and manufacturing

We partner with a handful of trusted and proven PCB manufacturers in China and companies specializing in electronic manufacturing services (EDS) in Poland. Their portfolio of technologies enables us to offer to our customers one-stop service when it comes to prototyping and low volume production.

PCB production

PCB technologies we offer to our customers include:

  • Rigid PCBs with variety of materials: FR4, Metal Core PCB, Halogen-free and other
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • up to 48 layers
  • blind- and buried-vias, laser-vias, microvias & many more
  • trace widths and spacing – 3 mil. dth spacing

PCB assembly

In collaboration with our EMS partners, we may offer following technologies and services:

  • SMD, THT and mixed assembly
  • single and double sided placement
  • parts sourcing
  • high level of quality control: AOI, X-ray, manual checks

Functional Testing

When it comes to low volume production it is no longer viable to check at the laboratory whether each product if fully functional.

It is usually done at the assembly line. To address these needs, we offer test development for the client’s devices that we design and this activity may include:

  • taking advantage of BIST/JTAG techniques in the development phase to ensure product testability
  • design of the automated test equipment
  • development of software to support automated testing

Mechanical prototyping & low volume production

We also collaborate with a few suppliers specializing in rapid prototyping and low volume production services of mechanical parts. They support various types of 3D printing, 3D print-based molding as well as CNC milling. This enables us to choose from variety of manufacturing technologies depending on product requirements and production volume.

3D printer and milling machine are also available in-house for on-the-fly model or prototype adjustment in the development phase.

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