Embedded software

We base most of our designs on microcontrollers containing one of the ARM processor cores, although occasionally we implement also small footprint systems with 8-bit microcontrollers. Depending on complexity of the application and its timing requirements and the microcontroller unit used, we realize the embedded software as:

  • bare metal code
  • application under RTOS (micrium OS II, OS III, FreeRTOS)
  • application running under embedded Linux, developed with higher level languages like C++, Python or JavaScript with use of Node.js

Evatronix accumulated knowledge and experience in high-level modeling for embedded systems.

Deskop apps & drivers

In many systems an embedded device interacts with personal computer running under Windows. Data collected by the device may be processed later on the PC. Our team includes programmers skilled in development of low level software (device drivers) as well as full-fledged graphic applications based on MVVM (Model–View–Viewmodel) design pattern and implemented in WPF framework. Microsoft Visual Studio and C#/C++ are used in such projects.

Mobile application

Our Xamarin / Ionic expertise is available for customers in need of cross-platform applications (iOS, Android, UWP). This technology allows easy transformation of any phone or tablet into the interface panel for an IoT device, letting the user to perform device configuration and calibration, adjust settings and/or read status and current measurements.

Communication of the phone or tablet with device can be built using different protocols and communication media: BLE, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB connection.


Web applications

Building web application using a stack of the JavaScript technologies enables us to produce high performance IoT applications in a systematic and efficient way:

  • Mosca server as an MQTT broker in connection with the robustness of RabbitMQ enables to produce scalable, stable solutions
  • Mongoose allows for elegant object modeling
  • MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) gives the possibility to build high performance, dedicated web applications