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PCB assembly

  • automatic, single- and double-sided SMD
  • mixed THT & SMD assembly 
  • THT assembly
  • using wave solder machines

PCB design

  • complex multilayer PCB
  • for high-speed cicuits
  • for Radio Frequencies circuits

PCB manufacture

  • single layer
  • double Layer
  • multilayer (up to 30 layers)
  • prototype and series production
  • on various substrates (FR4, aluminum, polyamide)
PCB Manufacture PCB assembly PCB design

Reasons to cooperate with Evatronix’s are:

  • PCB design (single, double and multi-layer)
  • High-Speed circuits designing
  • PCB designing for Radio Frequencies
  • Manufacturing of PCB – single, double and multilayer (up to 30 layers)
  • Production of PCB porotypes
  • Production of PCB on different substrates: FR-4 94V0, CEM, Aluminum, Flex-Rigid, Halogen free
  • Manufacture of PCB in the short, medium and long series
  • Design and production of PCBs for LED lighting
  • Automatic assembling of PCB, single and double-sided SMD
  • THT components assembly and mixed assembly SMD / THT

You are welcome to see our realisations. We design and produce printed circuit boards that use microprocessors modules, FPGA, high-speed digital interfaces such as PCIe, USB and SATA. We also realize less complex projects like PCB for switching power supplies, LED lighting modules or drivers and industrial sensors.




Four layers printed circuit board

Technical parameters:

  • FR4 substrate
  • 6mm thickness
  • green solder mask
  • laser drilled holes

Evaluation Board


Dedicated single-layer printed circuit board for use in LED lighting

Technical parameters:

  • aluminum substrate
  • 6mm thickness
  • white solder mask
  • immersion gold
  • CNC milling

Base for LED controller

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