New eviXscan 3D branded products at Formnext

As every year, Formnext was visited by tens of thousands of visitors interested in industrial solutions, especially in new technologies. Almost 900 exhibitors from all over the world presented their concepts in Frankfurt.


This year at our booth we announced new eviXscan 3D scanners that caught the attention of many visitors. We presented an impressive work of the eviXscan 3D Wide Range scanner, which can scan objects of  larger dimensions than other products in our offer. We showed also a prototype of the eviXscan 3D Fine Precision scanner for scanning small parts, which will be available in our offer in the nearest future.

 new products


In addition, many visitors of our booth were glad to watch eviXmatic - automatic scanning and measurement system. It's our new toool dedicated for quality inspection.



Thank you for your great interest in our products and for all valuable business talks. As a result, we hope to make long-term and fruitful business relations. See you next year in Frankfurt!


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