Evatronix in Latin America – expanding the distribution of eviXscan 3D scanners

Our company has signed an agreement to provide the distribution of 3D scanners with the Mexican company GENUS-AMÉRICA. The contract signed in Q3 2020  between  Evatronix and GENUS-AMÉRICA will cover the territory of LATAM, an area of Latin American.


For 15 years in the reverse engineering market, we've seen the direction of the 3D industry –  both in Mexico and other Latin American countries,"  says  Raul Moreno, CEO of GENUS. "It is extremely difficult to sell  scanners  directly to Mexican companies. This is because the headquarters of large companies are located outside Mexico, and that is where the decisions are made.  Evatronix's distribution of eviXscan 3D scanners will enable GENUS-AMÉRICA to increase its market competitiveness in reaching medium-sized companies in Mexico. In turn, a very good value for money evatronix products will allow us to come with an offer also to the small business segment.

Under the agreement, GENUS-AMÉRICA will distribute the eviXscan  3D  scanners such as  Heavy  Duty (Quadro, Optima & Basic), Wide Range and Fine Precision and also eviXmatic -  automatic scanning and measurement system.

Our new partner, in close cooperation with Evatronix, will offer solutions to meet the individual needs of customers, such as 3D scanners integrated into robots or with automated production lines.

Genus-AMÉRICA President Raul Moreno  told us what to see in Mexico:

Mexico is a place full of attractions. If you are interested in Mayan culture, you should visit the Peninsula de Yucatan in southern Mexico to admire pyramids built by this ancient people. In the same area there are beautiful beaches such as, for example, Cancun. In the central part of the  country  it is worth exploring  Aztek Culture. Northern Mexico is known mainly for its desert landscapes, but it is also worth going there to explore the city of MonterreyFans of music and mariachi bands must definitely visit Guadalajara.

About the company:

GENUS-AMÉRICA is a Mexican company that supplies parts for machines. Their business is based on the highest international standards. The company uses state-of-the-art software on CNC machines, which is supported by qualified personnel and. In addition, the company  provides also services in reverse engineering, prototyping and 3D printing.  



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