3D scanning

We offer 3D scanning of objects of different sizes, shapes and made of different materials.

Industrial 3D scanning:

  • 3D scanning of objects of any size, complexity and material (even shiny materials and combination of different materials)
  • 3D archiving
  • competitive analysis
  • preparation for rapid prototyping

We offer professional 3D scanning services. Our service offer is prepared especially for the needs of different industries. The 3D scanning process is conduct on professional 3D scanners.

We specialize in measuring details made of materials impossible to measure by conventional methods.

3D scanning services are performed in our office or in a location determined by our client. Details are to be scanned should be sent by courier to the eviXscan 3D Measuring Center. After the service is done details will be returned. If 3D scanning services are required to be performed in your location, please contact eviXscan 3D Measurement Center to determine the details.

Due to the use of professional 3D scanners for industrial applications of our own production 3D scanning services can be performed in almost any conditions, external and internal. We have performed our services in: molding facilities, on production lines and even under ground for mining industry.


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