Quality control

Accuracy is the key to success! Our engineers are experienced in metrology for Quality Control departments all over the world. Thanks to this experience and use of professional 3D scanners produced by eviXscan 3D you are confident to receive highest quality services.

Quality Control – Dimension and surface Inspection. Independent non-invasive control (3D scan based inspection – non-contact metrology).

Inspection in controlled environment (eviXscan 3D Control Centre), or at the client’s location:

  • 3D deformation and deviation analysis,
  • wear analysis,
  • visual 3D reports, profile deviation color mapping, 2D sections analysis, boundary analysis.

Quality Control / inspection reports customized to client’s needs and standards:

  • intelligent reference geometry recognition,
  • point cloud and polygon mesh analysis,
  • comprehensive probing support,
  • airfoil analysis,
  • state-of-the-art GD&T functions,
  • platform automation and scripting,
  • 3D PDF reporting tools,
  • advanced Reporting Toolset,
  • automatic alignment based on feature recognition,
  • inspection without a CAD nominal,
  • interactive guided inspections,
  • 2D and 3D dimensioning,
  • import and support of key native MCAD formats with PMI,

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