Digital design

The embedded systems we build may utilize various state-of-the-art microcontrollers based on ARM architecture, TI DSPs, system-on-modules, and in case of small footprint applications still (!) 8-bit MCUs. We have experience with:

  • STM32, NXP LPC, PIC32, TI MSP430,
  • 8-bit AVR, 8051 microcontrollers
  • Engicam, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone modules.

When performance requirements make it indispensable, we implement proper accelerators in programmable logic and we have broad experience in integrating variety of “standard” subsystems like:

  • SDRAM modules, Fast Page Mode DRAMs
  • Divers Flash memories including SD cards
  • high speed serial interfaces like PCI-e, USB 3.0, Ethernet1G or HDMI and wireless interfaces,
  • various displays and touch screens.

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