eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0
Powerful and user-friendly software for 3D scanning and mesh processing

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Powerful simplicity

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 is a comprehensive software platform that delivers the most powerful and user-friendly tools for scanning and mesh processing within straightforward workflow.

With eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 the scanning process is more easy to use and faster than ever before.

The clear workflow will guide the user in all scanning steps from basic configuration to the final mesh processing and will enable to achieve significant productivity gain in work with eviXscan 3D products.

eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 02 800x450Revolutionize your scanning routines

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 provides entirely new graphic user interface (GUI), based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphical engine.

Incorporated in GUI, the tool viewer offers a clear, intuitive and process-oriented working environment.

From engineering to art, entertainment, manufacturing and archeology, all real objects can be effortlessly captured and transformed to digital data in an easy and comfortable way, each time assisted with guiding tooltips.

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0
Software presentation

eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 03 800x450New GUI – a new level of usage comfort

The software provides an easy way to find and manage existing projects or to start creation of new ones.

The newly redesigned start window provides a list of existing projects and an additional search engine.

Display on the screen directly what will be scanned – underexposed and overexposed areas will be automatically hidden on the camera viewer by specialized software filters.


eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 04 800x450Group scans and imported files, change the visibility and color of every scan.
Visualize the information about files in two ways: compact and standard.
The status bar informs about the scanner connection status, algorithms execution progress and scanning progress.



Scan and process data without compromise

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 is an uncomplicated, powerful and fully integrated 3D software platform that works in complete synergy with all eviXscan 3D precise measurement and scanning devices. The new version of software provides advanced mesh-processing tools to finalize 3D scan data as well as imported meshes and point clouds. Dark and shiny objects can be scanned without surface pre-treatment with the new proficient HDR scanning tool.

eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 05 800x450Scan whatever you want with quality you need

Synergy between the new Point Cloud Generator and MultiExposure (HDR) 3D scanning tool allows to scan dark and shiny surfaces without surface covering.

Built-in intelligent decimation algorithm provides smaller (in size) and more accurate data directly from the scanning process.

New Multi-Point Cloud Generator tool allows to regenerate simultaneously many scans in a single operation.

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eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 06 800x450Data cleaning and preparation (treatment) for further process steps

Markers removal tool automatically recognizes and deletes areas with marker dents.

Variable selection tools (circle, rectangle, lasso, cluster) combined with additional methods (select through, frontface or backface only) facilitate scan cleaning process.

Group, show, hide and organize scans with the new result tree with two visibility modes – standard and compact for better adoption to user needs.

Multicolor mode allows to read-only change colors of each scan. Organize scans and groups by colors in a straightforward way.

eviXscan 3D Suite 2 0 07 800x450Align scans to one coordinate system

eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 allows to align scans or imported meshes by N-point method.

Choose reference and moving objects, select characteristic points and align.

The software returns information about alignment error for better analysis and evaluation.

Integration with ToolKit Box ensures auto-alignment between scan groups for rotary table scanning strategy, facilitating further postprocess.


Get eviXscan 3D Suite 2.0 with yearly subscription to benefit from new advanced functions to come

eviXscan 3D Suite product subscription open access to new updates, extended support, webinars and more!

To ensure comfort and continuous development, the subscription provides many additional benefits and guarantees access to the latest innovations the moment they are available.

The key features available in the upcoming releases are summarized in the table below.

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Key features of eviXscan 3D Suite in forthcoming releases (coming soon)

Global alignment Automatic alignment of scan data, point clouds or meshes with high accuracy Suite 2.5
Merging Fusion of multiple scans or meshes to single, dense mesh. Overlapped areas and neighboring boundaries are removed and stitched efficiently Suite 2.5
Mesh doctor Automatic healing of various defects and noises on meshes Suite 2.5
Hole filling Filling of simple and complex holes with poly-faces based tool. Creation of bridges and control of hole filling curvature Suite 2.5
Noise reduction Mesh cleaning from scanning noises automatically without accuracy loss Suite 2.5
Global smoothing     Smoothing meshes with controlled level Suite 2.5
Texture manager     Adding texture information to scan Suite 2.5
Global remesh Powerful re-mesh tool for fast, accurate creation of clean polygon models from “dirty” scan data Suite 3.0
Defeature Noise removal, unwanted features and surface errors cleaning Suite 3.0
Plane fitting Fiting of planes to existing mesh geometry on selected areas Suite 3.0
Divide/cut by plane Cut noises, divide mesh for two parts Suite 3.0
Brush smoothing Smooth locally scans or meshes without losing accuracy on whole model with easy to use brush tool Suite 3.0
MultiScan Measure abstruse geometrical characteristics, deep slots, thin edges, and complex features such as injected parts, castings, blades or turbines with new cameras and projector scanning technique Suite 3.0

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